To the Editor,

Tis the season for Congress to come home and face their employers (aka constituents…).

Many will not have town hall meetings, but here in the Sixth District of Texas we will have the opportunity to see our career politician Joe Barton in as many as nine different locations. Last week he held a couple in Navarro County, and this week he is in northern Ellis County.

Mr. Barton has a habit, in his public forums, of bloviating on a subject that most attendees agree with him. Then he will dance around the questions he does not have an answer to, running out the clock on other questioners.

At the Ellis County Republican fundraiser last Friday night, he told an amazed crowd of activists and old party stalwarts that he did not read all the bills in front of him, and could simply ask Louie Gohmert (1st District of Texas) what they meant, as he reads them all. This is not good representation!

In the middle of the afternoon on Tuesday, for the first time in his long career, he was in Oak Leak (when most of us are working…), to meet with more than 50 constituents. The questions he faced ran the gamut from the aforementioned gaff at the fundraiser, to his support of amnesty, his unwillingness to confront the outrageous Obama administration scandals, crony capitalism, the crisis in Syria, and the debt ceiling.

Although, he did attempt to school the room on the intricacies of the federal budget process, those of us who truly understand the way it works saw through his lame attempt at explaining away his reluctance to defund the onerous ObamaCare that will bankrupt our Republic. His explanation, while factual in what he said, did not truly explain the situation. Though both the House and the Senate passed most of the 12 resolutions needed to fund the government for fiscal year 2014 starting on Oct. 1, he failed to include the true story.

What career politician Joe failed to inform the room was that although the House and the Senate did fulfill their legal responsibility up to a point, they failed to meet in conference and failed to agree on sending anything to the president’s desk for a signature or veto. The current federal funding plan is called a continuing resolution, or CR. Constitutionally, according to Article I, Section 9, the Congress holds the purse strings, and as such, determines whether the president can continue the path toward bankruptcy. Because he is the epitome of the Big Government Republican, Good old Joe will not stand with his informed employers (constituency); he will cave to the needs of big government and we will continue our plunge toward insolvency.

We deserve better: we can do better.

Bill Carson

Ellis County Tea Party