To the Editor,

Louie Armstrong made famous the song “What a Wonderful World,” but today, thanks to President Obama’s foreign policy, or more correctly lack thereof, it’s a much more “Dangerous World.”

Because he has waffled several times on the Syria, made threats and ultimatums which were not carried through, he has painted himself, and the US, into a corner from which there is no way out. If we don’t act, we will appear a weakling on the world stage once again; if we do, we risk ratcheting up the conflict significantly.

He has ordered three Navy destroyers to the coast of Syria where they can launch cruise missiles at targets within Syria without congressional approval. Rep Peter King (R-NY) stated that Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, has the authority to launch such a strike against Syria. Here’s where Rep King is wrong and why we should not attack Syria:

• Such constitutes an unprovoked attack against a sovereign nation which poses no threat to our security — it is an act of war with the U.S. as the aggressor.

• Without a declaration of war by Congress, Obama would be outside the bounds of his Constitutional authority and would thereby commit yet another impeachable act. A total of 116 members of Congress have signed a letter to the President urging him to follow the provisions set forth in the Constitution for declaring war. It took him a while, but Congressman Barton finally signed it.

• Neither side in the conflict represent the ideals of freedom and liberty. Both sides have and will commit atrocities.

• As for the poisonous gas being justification for attacking Syria, the allegation that it was used by the Assad regime is not certain; it could very well have been used by the opposition in an effort to draw us into an attack that would benefit them. Doing so would make us a de facto ally of the opposition which is composed of groups that have attacked us on several occasions, including 9-11.

• Obama has no clear vision of the geo-political landscape. He has in fact, helped to create this volatile situation in the Middle East and elsewhere. Any action he takes now will only make it worse.

No, Syria is not our fight. Unfortunately, many innocent lives are being lost, but no matter which side is victorious in this war, Syrian citizens will continue to be slaughtered. So there is no “noble” side to aid, and unless you intend to win a fight, don’t start one. Once again, President Obama is leading from behind with his behind, but it will be our behinds that get kicked in the end.

Frank Kuchar

GOP Congressional candidate

Arlington, Texas