To the Editor,

Dear LWV representative,?Texas is packed FULL of good people. And I wish to address this response to you and not other members of the LWV that may not share your elegant but ridiculous letter published in yesterdayís Daily Light.?Restore Article IV.... ? Are you kidding me??Noticing that you were not limited to a 250 word opinion is OK ó I think I can clearly respond to your fluff in less than 250 words.?Absolutely we stand to ensure that ever LIVING citizen be supported and protected in their right to vote (once) for the candidates of their choosing.?In fact, letís you and I activate others to make sure each eligible voter has a valid ID, so no one is denied!?While you show your driverís license or other identification for a 100 different reasons in dozens of business and government buildings I want to ask ó just how hard it that to do??And for the price of ensuring we do not get any inappropriate votes, Texans support voter ID. And surprise, surprise the Supreme Court has recognized that we no longer have the same issues that existed in the South (and I am not talking about Southern Texas) decades ago.?So letís put our energy into supporting the Supreme Court and the people of Texas and find out just how hard and for what reasons a Texas citizen cannot get legal photo ID in the next six months.??

James B. Parker,