To the Editor,

Transparency – Yes! Impeachment – I am not so sure.?You might be interested in some intrigue. ?Our House Speaker (Joe Straus ) and a handful of representatives have been pushing to impeach a sitting university regent. See related articles at: ??

A recent email sent out by Empower Texans ( ) raised a number of issues with the House Speaker’s use of power and position to protect some of his own turf.?Apparently the Regent (Wallace Hall) has been under attack by the House Speaker and a number of representatives who do not like his investigation into “the operations at the University of Texas at Austin because of misgivings about the influence of politicians on the admissions process, misleading institutional fundraising reporting …” (Quoted from The Texas Tribune, Reeve Hamilton).?Are our representatives protecting their turf or do they just want to remove a trouble maker? Have our politicians been caught handing out favors? How tactically distasteful was it to refer this issue to the House “Transparency Committee,” (chaired by Jim Pitts) when our politicians are fighting to keep the Regent from getting to the facts that are on file at the University of Texas.  So who wants transparency and who really doesn’t??Our system of government was never intended to guarantee that every politician can run a successful “pork” distribution company.?What we have now is a system of POLITICAL PATHOLOGY, and it needs a big time INTERVENTION, by the people and for the people!??

James B. Parker,

Candidate?Texas Legislative District 10