Leadership Waxahachie, a program initiated and sponsored by the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce is preparing to begin its new class session Sept. 13.

This year’s class is made up of 18 members their first session will consists of an entire a day of becoming more familiar with how the city and county government works.

The class is made up of personal bankers, insurance agents, corporate employees and small business owners. They will take their personal leadership skills and incorporate them into a group setting in an effort to become more community oriented.

Leadership Waxahachie Coordinator Lynn Pike said that is exactly why this organization exist.

“It has always been our goal for each class member to become more involved in the community than they have in the past,” Pike said. “Whether that’s becoming a member of a city board or nonprofit organization, we want their leadership skills to improve and how they relate to all those around them.”

Pike said she is certain that the members of this newest class will accomplish the goals set before them, because they are the most driven and competitive class she has been involved with.

“I’m not saying that the classes in the past weren’t driven,” she said. “It’s just this class is very competitive, in a good way and I believe that is going to prove to be a great advantage to them. They are fun, smart, inquisitive and will get a lot accomplished.”

To enhance the program and assist this year’s class, the advisory council agreed that last year’s class members should serve as mentors to the new class members. Pike said that has already proven to be a great advantage to Leadership members, and she is thrilled with the results so far.

“At the end of each year, we look back at all the things that were done,” Pike said. “We also give the class members a chance to discuss what they liked most and what they would change.”

She said it was at that meeting the students suggested providing mentors to the new class members.

“We believe that having mentors will help provide them with contacts and assistance to support what they are trying to accomplish,” Pike said. “This year’s class is already embracing the planning of the day and utilizing their mentors. This is exactly what we want to see.”

Pike said the personal, business and community connections class members make throughout the year will only make them better leaders in the future.

About Leadership Waxahachie

Since the program began in 1992, scores of past graduates have gone on to serve in leadership positions on virtually every civic and nonprofit organization in the community.

Although Leadership Waxahachie is non-political and nonpartisan, several graduates have taken their interest in public service a step further by successfully running for public office.

The goal of the program is simple and straightforward: find talented individuals in the community interesting in making a difference and put them in a program to develop their leadership skills.

As the name applies, it is all about building future leaders.?As part of this year’s program, class members will be taking an active role in the planning process for each month’s curriculum.

The class is challenged to not only get involved in the community, but to bring their energy and ideas to the projects and organizations they choose to volunteer with.

Each class member is encouraged to take the tools  provided them during the coming year and use them to expand their horizons, even if it means challenging the status quo if the status quo isn’t getting results.

For more information about Leadership Waxahachie, contact the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce at 972-937-2390.

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