GLENN HEIGHTS The City of Glenn Heights will hold a general election on Tuesday, Nov. 5, for the places of mayor and city councilor for Place 2, Place 4 and Place 6.

The deadline to file an application for a place on the ballot was Monday, Aug. 26.

Currently, the mayoral seat is being filled by Leon Tate, who is serving in his first term in an unexpired position that was vacated when the previous mayor moved out of state.

Tate was on the council sitting in Place 2 prior to taking on the mayoral duties.

Sitting in Place 2 is Tony Bradley, who was recently named when he filled the position that Tate had vacated.

In Place 4 is Michael Jones, a two-year resident of Glenn Heights and Place 6 is a five-year resident of Glenn Heights and member of the Home Owners Association Board for the Gateway Estates Community.