Covenant Life Church is preparing to host a Power Encounter Weekend for the Waxahachie community Sept. 7-8.

Gerald Parsons, pastor of CLC said attendees can expect a power-packed weekend full of fun and encouragement from the special guests Ivan Tait and Gathering the Remnant Church of Grand Prairie.

“We wanted something that would bring our community together and leave the people with hope,” Parsons said. “I believe this will is going to be a great way to reach out to those in the community.”

Friday night’s event will begin at 7 p.m., and will feature a performance by the women’s praise team from Gathering of the Remnant Church. They will perform a dramatic presentation called “The Process.”

“Women of today are facing many issues,” he said. “We wanted to address those issues and provide them with a message of hope.”

Parsons said the presentation will be very graphic ranging in topics from abortion, incarceration and addiction.

The play is written by Pastor Valerie Chevis of GRC. The setting of the play is takes place in the waiting area of a prison. Two women who attend church regularly take a trip to a local prison to visit someone they know. During their waiting period, they are given the opportunity to meet other women who are facing life’s struggles. The women began to see the importance of reaching out to all of those around them.

Chevis said the lives of four of the main characters are paralleled to women of the Bible such as Rahab, Esther, the woman who washed Jesus’s feet with her tears and Ruth. She said it was also inspired by a woman who crossed her path years ago.

“I encountered a lady several years ago who had been incarcerated,” Chevis said. “She had made some decisions that cost her time, but not her life.”

Chevis said the encounter with the woman led her to want to inspire women that no matter what happens in their lives, there is always hope.

“It doesn’t matter if you have been involved in drugs or in prison, you can still live a complete life,” she said.

Making a transformation is what it’s all about, and Chevis said that is what they want to communicate to the audience.

“The process by which we transform is comparable to that of a butterfly,” she said. “We start out in that cocoon stage, that protective shell that shields us from the environment and other things. Then we experience the caterpillar stage. I think of that as our coming out stage.”

Chevis said the caterpillar stage is often difficult, because we have been exposed to things that can harm us and we must learn how to deal with those moments. She said the most beautiful of all is when women reach the butterfly phase in the transformation. She believes this is when a woman “comes into her own.”

“She recognizes that God can take those ugly moments and horrible experiences and make them something beautiful,” she said. “This is the stage when women realize they can be that great mother, wife or minister that God desires them to be.”

Parsons said the days following the dramatic presentation will consists more of an evangelistic outreach, and will feature author and evangelist Ivan Tait. Tait is the author of the daily devotion “Letters from God.”

“‘Letters from God’ was born from a desire to see people encouraged and comforted on a daily basis,” Tait said on his website. “This book is part faith, part hope, and is mixed with the promise of realizing God’s will for every day. Letters from God carries miraculous potential to build you up while changing and encouraging your life.”

He said people should spend their days clothed with God’s blessings of power and wisdom.

“We are all on different Journeys but headed to the same destination, which is found fulfilling the will of God and enjoying His presence along the way,” Tait said.

He will be on hand to speak on the importance of living a righteous life before God, and everyone in attendance will be provided a free copy of the devotional.

Parsons added that the event is free and every member of the family is welcome to attend.

The Friday and Saturday night services will begin at 7 p.m. There will be two Sunday services, 10:30 a.m., and 6 p.m.

For more information about Power Encounter Weekend, call 972-937-5129 or visit

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