To the Editor,

The Ellis County Republican Party held an inspiring fundraiser on Aug. 23 at the Waxahachie Civic Center.

The two main speakers of the evening were Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert from the 1st Congressional District of Texas.

Lt. Governor Dewhurst gave us a first-hand description of the events surrounding the recent filibuster in Austin and how the Republicans stood firm to break it and to ultimately prevail in passing legislation that would prevent the murder of any baby older than 5 months.

Louie Gohmert received his doctor of jurisprudence from Baylor in 1977.  He served three terms as State District Judge for the 7th Judicial District of Texas. Gohmert was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to fill a 6 month vacancy as Chief Justice of the 12th Circuit Court of Appeals. He is now serving his 5th term in the U.S. Congress for the 1st Congressional  District of Texas. Does he sound like a “lower tier” speaker to you?

Let me tell you that this “lower tier” speaker gave an “upper tier” speech.  For 45 minutes he was, at times uproariously funny, but also extremely passionate. He displayed his knowledge and understanding of the Constitution and repeated his  pledge to continue to uphold it in his every vote in Congress. If we had more Congressmen dedicated to the Constitution, this country would be in a better place.

Now a  word on our Congressional District 6 U.S. Representative Joe Barton. Mr. Barton introduced Louie Gohmert. In  this introduction, Mr. Barton said, “I don’t read the bills but Louie Gohmert reads every bill, so if I want to know what is in a bill, I go ask Louie! I ask all you Republican voters out there, “Is this the man you want to send back to Washington?”  

Frank Kuchar is running against Joe Barton in 2014. Mr.  Kuchar  has an incredible knowledge of the Constitution  and the same dedication to uphold it as Louie Gohmert. He has told voters he will not vote for anything that will hurt his grandchildren. What a concept!  So start thinking about 2014 and your choice between a man who unashamedly admitted he doesn’t  read the bills and one dedicated to make this a better country.

Eileen Walker,