To the Editor,

Itís well past time for citizens of the USA to politically revolt against our elected governing elite, or EGE. The EGE has mal served our country for decades. Congressmen have served their own personal greed and members of both parties have worked to advance their own partyís strength. Meanwhile the welfare of the country has been ignored. America is no longer respected around the world, agencies of our government are abusing and spying on us citizens, the national debt and deficit have America on the brink of financial collapse and now Congress has exempted its members and their staff members from Obamacare.† Enough is enough!

If your Congressperson (1) doesnít deserve an A+ for service in Congress and (2) doesnít strongly support abolishing the IRS and (3) doesnít openly advocate replacing the income tax with the FairTax you should work to defeat your Congressman in the 2014 primary election.

We can have a new Congress if we are willing to do our part. All that is required of you is talk to your friends, neighbors and colleagues at work; then go to the polls on the day of primary elections and vote for change that really matters!

Glen E Terrell,

Arlington, Texas

(email published by request)