Well, how do all you people that voted for Obama feel now? After five years, are you really feeling good about the direction this country is going? If so, allow me to point out some things you really should know. First, we need to realize this is the very first time we have elected someone that truly hates the U.S. Remember what he said before election day? He was talking about America and he said this: “That is why my wife hates this country.” And, after election day he said this: “Now I find myself about to be President, I have decided to put my hatred aside.” This is the man that is President. Whether we like it or not. Care to guess what the administration is saying now? They are running down the colonist that came over on the Mayflower — the colonist who came to the new world and built the foundation of what is now America were extremists and discussions that include mention of individual liberties are a dangerous sign, according to the U.S. government. Didn’t know you voted for that, did you? Did you ever wonder what Obamacare was really supposed to do? It was designed to destroy our economy. Plain and simple. You want to conquer a country? Wreck their economy. Did you really think this man loved us so much? Of course, all he really wanted to do was to love us to death. Remember back when I told about the gold being flown to “somewhere in Egypt?” Here is a little something to think about. Obama has a half brother in Egypt. He is head of the economics of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. I read the other day, the rest of the world is wondering why Obama will not cut off the flow of money to Egypt. Are you about to see a light come on somewhere? Don’t we all wish he cared for the people that voted for him as much as he and Eric Holder cares for the crooks and thugs? The justice department is considering turning out thousands upon thousands of drug dealers and other “non violent” people that are “just taking up space.” You know, one of these days, there will be a multitude of people saying: we was WRONG! But, it just may be way too late.

David Nance,