To the Editor,

It was interesting reading Alan Fox’s criticism of the Ellis County Republican fundraiser before the event even took place.

I recommend in the future that Fox become more informed about the purpose of the fundraiser and how the fundraiser works before throwing out uninformed statements.

Our fundraising committee spent a great deal of time putting a successful event together. Fox criticized our choice of speakers and suggested maybe we should have had Joe Barton as a speaker.

What Fox doesn’t know is that in addition to Congressman Louie Gohmert and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, Congressman Joe Barton and Senator Brian Birdwell were also speakers.

Senator Barton worked closely with our fundraising committee to secure our featured speakers so that attendees could enjoy a diversity of opinions and inspiration.

Our speakers provided a range of political viewpoints from our Republican leaders. Based on the turnout and watching how engaged the audience was with our speakers, I would say that it was a successful event that Ellis County Republicans can be proud of. The audience was energized, despite Fox’s prediction.

Our fundraising committee did an outstanding job and I appreciate the time all of our guest speakers took from their busy lives to help make it successful.

There are those who become involved and there are those that just sit back and write uninformed opinions to the newspaper. Writing opinions is the easy part; taking the time to be involved is more challenging and rewarding

Dave Vance

Ellis County Precinct 106 Chairman