As millions of young Texans around the state return to the classroom today, GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Pauken provided the following comments:?

?“This first day of school offers our children a great day of hope for their future as we dedicate our time and resources to their education and preparation for the future.??

“We as a state, however, need to take to heart the lessons we have learned from two decades of a top-down, teach-to-the-test educational system in Texas: one size doesn’t fit all and there are multiple pathways to a high school diploma. ??

“The good news is that our education policy is moving in the right direction with the recent passage of House Bill 5, but much yet needs to be done. We need to focus on teaching the basics, understanding the importance of good teachers, and returning education to local control.??

“In addition, I’m glad to see a growing recognition of the value in vocational education for those young Texans interested in pursuing a career-oriented path.??

“As governor, I will work to re-establish these principles as part of a larger review of our state’s education policies.??

“Happy First Day of School to everyone!”