To the Editor,

“That’s what the world is today” goes the line from the classic hit by the 1960s’ group The Temptations. That line in the song could easily be changed to “ball of confusion, that’s what this administration is today” in application to the Obama Administration. From matters of national to those of international importance, especially Middle East policy, President Obama has no clear sense of direction. Instead he is driving our policies like a car that got a bad tank of gas and keeps sputtering and jerking first one way and then the next.

He offers only blame on others for the looming disaster of his signature Affordable Care Act. Instead of defending our borders and enforcing our immigration laws, he opens wide his arms to welcome any and all, regardless of their legality in terms of entrance into our country or their having skills needed by our society. He fails to understand just who our enemies are in the world, especially in the Middle East when it comes to differentiating between civil Muslim governments and Islamist governments. As a result, our economy is headed for a collapse, our prestige among other nations has plummeted and the world is much more dangerous.

On top of it all, this president has also shown a total disregard for the Constitution he has sworn to uphold and defend. This is the most egregious of all his actions as it lies at the root of the others. One has but to read the grievances expressed in our Declaration of Independence against the tyranny of King George to see that President Obama is cut from the same cloth.

So what is the solution? “The House of Representatives … shall have the sole Power of Impeachment,” US Constitution, Article I, Section 2. This president is chargeable on a host of transgressions that should be brought against him. These charges can be brought by any member of the House of Representatives, to then be evaluated by the Judiciary Committee, which, if deemed the evidence warrants, draws up articles of impeachment. The question remains, “How long, O Congress, before you rise up to defend us against this tyranny? How long, Representative Barton, before you stand up to fulfill your oath to the Constitution to bring up these charges?”

We deserve better; we can do better.

Frank Kuchar,

GOP Congressional candidate

Arlington, Texas