Last week I was having a conversation with Alexandra Allred, one of our featured hometown columnists and she came up with a great idea for a column series.

It was a great idea — on many levels.

As a newcomer to Waxahachie, she wanted to get more involved in the community. She also wanted to get to know the local residents, learn more about them — as well as the place she calls home. Additionally, she wanted to do something to help promote our local businesses that keep our economy thriving.

As we talked, she said, “What if I spent a day working in one of the local stores and then wrote a column about the experience? I could write about the store, the people who work there and shop there and tell their story?”

I absolutely loved the idea.

So we are officially kicking off the “I want Alex to Come to Work with Me!” campaign, asking any interested business in the community that would like a day’s worth of free labor and publicity to send me an email. Alex will take all the submissions and get with the businesses to schedule a time to “join their staff for a day.” The subsequent columns highlighting her experiences will be featured in the Daily Light.

So, here’s where we need your help. Do you have an usual job or business and want to share it with the community? Do you work with someone outrageous? Have a local writer learn “the trade” or share time with that crazy co-worker or simply nominate someone who has a great story to tell.  

Submit your story idea, contact name and number with the headline: “I Want Alex to Come to Work with Me!” to Daily Light Editor Neal White at

That’s it. Just send me an email and Alex will do the rest.

And by the way, Alex, who is also a best-selling author with The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House, will be signing copies of her latest novel “White Trash” from 1- 3 p.m. this Saturday at Hastings Entertainment in Waxahachie.

In addition to picking up a copy of her latest book, you’ll have a chance to visit — and officially welcome the former Olympic athlete to our community. You can also pick up copies of her previous novels and have them autographed.

And, it’s also an opportunity to tell Alex you want her to come to work with you for a day.

I’ll also be there (I have to buy my copy like everyone else) and look forward to see everyone and visiting as we help welcome a new member of our community — as well as hang out with a great writer.

And don’t forget to send me an email if you want Alex to spend a day working for you.

Neal White is the Editor of Waxahachie Newspapers Inc. Contact Neal at or 469-517-1457. Follow Neal on Facebook at Neal White – Waxahachie Newspapers Inc., or on Twitter at wni_nwhite.