To the Editor,

Louie Gohmert? Really? What’s next, Christine O’Donnell flying in on a broom? Sara Palin bringing photos of Russia taken from her back yard? Forget it, you can’t afford her anyway.

Sad commentary on the Ellis County Republican, or should I say Teapublican Party having to rely on importing  lower tier, unstable speakers who specialize in promoting far-fetched conspiracies just to rally the local base. Is this just a power grab by the fringe? Can’t they be energized by standing on the Rebublican platforms alone?  You would think that a credible, more mainstream Republican who appeals to the reasonable majority of the local party would have the podium. Why not have Jim Pitts or even dare I say (dare,dare! ) Joe Barton as speakers? You know, someone who actually represents the Republicans in Ellis County.

Latest weather report: Blue skies on the horizon. Stay tuned. Vote Fox in ’16.

Alan Fox,