To the Editor,

What do we “really” know about what is really going on in our government? Nothing? That is what I thought. As long as we will blindly follow the leader, we will remain ignorant. Which is exactly what they want from us. Do we know, since the first of this year, the federal government has shipped $982 million in gold to “somewhere” in Africa. Rumor has it that Fort Knox is EMPTY. What is ahead for us? Well it ain’t good. Did you see on the news this morning Obama was ragging on Egypt because they will not listen to him? He read ’em the riot act. But he will not cut the money that the U.S.A. is sending to them. One billion dollars every year.He is cutting $500 million from our military because “we do not have that kind of money.” Remember what he said BEFORE he was elected? “If I am elected, I will disarm this country.” Don’t believe it? All you have to do is look it up. Do you know how times change? When we were kids, when we heard the words, “Once upon a time,” we knew a fairy tale was to follow. Now, we know a fairy tale will follow when we hear these words: “If I’m elected.”

David Nance,