By now you have started the back to bed on time routine, labeled all clothing, talked about lunch ideas, purchased supplies, and have a plan for the morning routine.

Prepare for the night before the first day. Make it a special family time. It could be a favorite meal and movie night, it could be trip for a snow cone, it could be playing a favorite game, but make it together time. At the end of the day, have a snuggle time and a chance to alleviate any last minute fears. Read a bedtime story, perhaps Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes, and right before tucking in say all the positive things you can about the new year.

The subconscious does not know reality from fiction. What you tell it, it will believe. Positive affirmations will jell during the many hours of sleep.

Have a small note of thanks or small gift for the teacher the first day. Model for your child the respect you have for the teacher. Teachers are happy with an apple, flowers from the yard, or just a heartfelt note. You tip the waiter, hairdresser, valet, etc. The teacher is with your child for a large part of the day. Show appreciation, teachers do not get academy awards, profit sharing, or a nice business lunch at a restaurant!

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