The Texas Baptist Home for Children has established Abba’s Heart Home, a place for expectant mothers who are seeking adoption to live while working through the TBH adoption process.

The process of adoption can be exhausting and arduous for all parties involved. Sometimes the paperwork alone can take its toll on those who are looking to adopt. It can also be an emotional roller coaster for mothers who find themselves at the crossroads of having to make that decision between keeping their baby and giving it up. That is where the staff of Abba’s Heart Home comes in.

Nikki Nangauta serves as the private infant case manager at TBHC. She is responsible for working with birth mothers who are choosing to make an adoption plan. She is also the director of the newly established Abba’s Heart Home.

“Whenever a woman is ready to make a plan and have decided that adoption is the route they would like to take, we provide them with housing,” Nangauta said. “They will be able to come here and we will walk them through the entire adoption process.

Nangauta said there is a great need for a home like this, and although they’ve provided a place for expectant mothers in the past, it didn’t have the feeling of home.

“Many of the women who come to us are homeless or living in shelters,” Nangauta said. “We want to provide a place that is not just thrown together, but a beautiful home they will be able to call their own and feel blessed.”

Nangauta said she is looking forward to having their first expectant mother to stay in the new home. She said their goal is to introduce them to what grace feels like and to know how important they are to God. Her mission is to display the heart of God toward each woman and child that enters the home, hence the name Abba’s Heart.

“Our desire is that the women will find a place here to be accepted, as they are encouraged to make the positive changes in their lives and to reach the goals they’ve set for themselves,” she said.

Abba’s Heart Home is a fully furnished three-bedroom home located on the campus of the TBHC. The home is designed to house women and children. It is equipped with two full-sized bathrooms, two spacious living rooms (one for women with children), a kitchen and a backyard area.

Abba’s Heart Home is a ministry of TBHC that will seek to provide housing, counseling, schooling, transportation, adoption plans, financial assistance and job and life skills for mothers who are expecting.

Those interested in becoming a resident of Abba’s Heart Home must meet the following requirements:

• must be a pregnant woman considering adoption

• at least 18 years of age

• willing to live and cooperate in a community living situation

• fill out and turn in appropriate paperwork

• pass a criminal background check and drug test

For more information about Abba’s Heart or to make a donation, call 972-937-1321 or visit

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