To the Editor,

I am writing to the Editor about Mark Singleton and property owned by CNB of Texas in our neighborhood. I have written to the paper before about these extremely loud racecars that Singleton has started cranking and revving up again. Myself, Brian Wright, Joyce Wright, Kermit Brown, Sandy Brown and Carol Hayes have got up a petition as per the city manager to protest the noise. We have gone to the city manager over five times, called the police numerous times — as per the city manager telling us to, and at last wrote to the city council for help and then showed up at a council meeting to get this stopped. Promises were made to us that something would be done, not during meeting, but after meeting by Mayor John Wray and council member Kevin Strength and council member Buck Jordan, though no action was taken during meeting. We went to the meeting to have cars stopped and after we went, the noise stopped for a few months. Now it’s back again. Mark Singleton is a council member of the city of Waxahachie, chosen to represent its citizens. If this is how Mark Singleton of CNB of Texas and the city council treats us here in our neighborhood, yours could be next. I am asking the citizens of Waxahachie to helps us remove him or any CNB employees from the city council in the next election in May. I will be at the next council meeting to voice more opposition to these cars and Mr. Singleton. These cars belong in an industrial district such as the one out on Interstate 35E and Highway 77 — just as any other racecar driver in any other city does. There is not a city that would allow these cars in town around homes. Just to give you a background on our neighborhood, these houses were built around 1925. They are frame homes and we are about 150 feet from the street. I am asking for citizens of Waxahachie to help put a stop to this mess. This could be your neighborhood — anywhere along Highway 77 or Indian Hills, Main Street or Marvin Avenue. Only thing I know is to write the paper as often as I can and complain at council meetings. Just maybe it will stop if the whole town sends a message. Thank you for your help.

Herschel Dwayne Allen,