To the Editor,

I was able to finish my Eagle project for the Boy Scouts this past July and I owe this accomplishment to the businesses and families that made this project possible. My project included landscaping and an installation of a drip sprinkler at the Hope Clinic here in town.

I really couldnít have finished this project without all the help I received, and I thought I would take a moment to publicly thank the projectís contributors. The Greenery was extremely generous in their time and donations and I would like to personally thank them for their important contribution. I would also like to thank Chad Hicks from the Lawnmaster Company, and his family, for their generosity. Without their guidance, I definitely would not be anywhere close to finishing my project.

Without the help of these generous benefactors, my scouting career would definitely not be as far along. Experiences such as these remind me of my duty to my community, and as I come to a close of my scouting career, I hope to further serve the community and better understand my role as a citizen.

Connor Linguist,

Troop 232, Waxahachie