To the Editor,

This is a letter regarding the service that Wi-Five provides to its customers. I am not the only one that has this complaint. There are several friends that have stated the same thing. When you call Wi-Five, you automatically get a machine with options for the departments. You never speak to a live person there; they always go to voice mail and you have about a 95 percent chance that they will NOT call you back. If you do receive a call back it is as an unknown caller ID number (should show Wi-Five). You cannot sit by the phone and wait for it to ring. Unfortunately for the disabled we cannot get to the phone/answering machine in time from the very speedy message that a tech leaves you. “This is ___? With Wi-Five returning you call;” click. No return phone number is left to call back, except an OK phone number on caller ID. When you call it back, you hear “I’m sorry, this phone is not allowed to accept calls.” “WOW!”

Their favorite thing to tell us customers “is to cut down your trees.” The trees all around me needs to be cut down so that the service that Wi-Five chooses out in our area can provide us with a wireless Internet service. Apparently, they did not consider all the trees around us before they came bouncing out here with a wonderful offer and deal. We live in a small town so we have limited options and we get that, but we also expect to be treated with respect when we contact Wi-Five’s customer service. Unfortunately, the only other wireless service that is provided in this area is outrageously priced so “we country folk” have to take what we can afford. They tell us that they are building more “towers” but we have yet to see any changes in their service. I pay my monthly bill and I expect to get an entire month of service just like anyone else. I understand that you will have problems from time to time, but Wi-Five’s problems have been more and more consistent than ever (and their attitude is they just don’t care).

I called to ask for the CEO or owners’ names so I could send a copy of this letter to him/her, but the lady in the accounting department (whom actually answered her phone this morning) would not give it to me and stated “I received your message over the weekend and I do not have the authority to credit your account, so I transferred your call to the service department” and then told me to hang on because that was where she was going to transfer me to now as she could not do anything for me. Once again another message left and as usual NO return phone call.

My hope in sending this letter is to put it out there so we can see what type of response we’ll get back from Wi-Five. It has always been said that if you do not let the right management team know about the poor service you receive, then they cannot do anything about it. So hopefully, this letter brings to the attention of the CEO or owner of Wi-Five the type of service their employees provide to their customers; (apparently how quick they forget our service is what keeps them in a job). I am going to send a copy of this letter to several Editors of the different Ellis County papers and a copy of this letter to Wi-Five to the attention of the CEO or owner in hopes that someone will pay attention to the lack of customer service their employees provide. It has also been brought to my attention that since I have sent a letter to the Editor complaining of the type of service that is provided to us by Wi-Five, I should most likely be prepared to have my Internet service terminated.

Thank you for your time.

Danna Singleton,