Tractor Supply in Waxahachie was buzzing with activity as owners brought their pets to celebrate Pet Appreciation Week Saturday. The event provided a fun atmosphere where residents could learn about responsible pet ownership and adoption.

Tractor Supply event organizer Danalee Evenson said the program connected people with nonprofit groups in the area that are working to find forever homes for animals.

“We are out here trying to find some dogs good homes today,” SPCA Shelter Manager Jennifer Johnson said. “We brought out some guys that usually don’t get a lot of attention at the shelter to help us raise awareness.”

Johnson said she recommends adopting an animal from a shelter instead of purchasing one from a pet store because they appreciate the love that is given to them and will give it back many times over. Some of the animals the SPCA featured included a pit-bull terrier mix, a shar pei and several Chihuahua mixes.

All Texas Dachshund Rescue was also in attendance Saturday. This group is made up of volunteers who work to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dachshunds that have become homeless. While undergoing care and medical treatment these dogs live in temporary foster homes before being adopted by a loving family. The group had several dogs on site for people to visit with.

One of the many pets at Saturday’s event was Mattie, a Corgi-hound mix, along with owner Frances Johnson. Johnson adopted Mattie four years ago after seeing her on a television spot and encouraged others to adopt a dog from a shelter or a rescue origination.

Other groups taking part in Saturday’s event included a petting zoo called God’s Little Critters, which is an independent pet rescue organization. God’s Little Critters hosted a bake sale to raise funds for animals with medical issues.

Ty Grisham is the owner of Coops by Ty, whose company builds chicken coops for people who live both in rural and urban areas. Grisham said one of the reasons why people who live in the city want chickens on their property is for the fresh eggs they produce.

“Fresh eggs taste better and have a fuller flavor. Also cities are allowing this kind of use in an urban area,” Grisham said.  

Michelle Christenson and her daughter Autumn looked at many of the animals that were on display at God’s Little Critters petting zoo. Christenson said they not only came out to support the work that these groups do for the community but to give her daughter the chance to visit the ponies.  

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