The Waxahachie Indian football team finally got a taste of game action Saturday morning with its intrasquad scrimmage.

The only problem when your playing against your own team is that if you are doing something well, you are usually doing it at the expense of one of your teammates.

“You’ve got to temper your excitement a little bit because when one of your guys makes a really good play, that could mean that another one of your guys made a really bad play,” Waxahachie head football coach David Ream said. “I thought the effort was good from everyone, but we are still looking for a little more consistency.”

Trevon Smith was the most successful at making himself look great as he ran past, around and sometimes over his own teammates. The sophomore running back started the scrimmage off strong as he ran for 25 yards on his first two carries then picked up 20 yards on a screen pass.

“He’s got good balance, he’s got to learn more about pass protection and ball security,” Ream said. “He put the ball on the ground a couple of times. It doesn’t matter how good of a back you are, if you put the ball on the ground, you aren’t going to play very much. But he’s shown signs of what we are looking for in an offensive back.”

His excellent day led to a rough day for players in the linebacker competition.

“We’ve got to be more physical on defense and make some plays,” Ream said. “The difference between a good defense and a great defense is missed tackles. If you don’t have any missed tackles, you’re a great defense.”

The quarterback competition still isn’t completely over after the scrimmage, but sophomore Max McCulloch took the bulk of the reps with the number one offense. He threw a pair of touchdown passes to Quinn Sargent, one a well-placed fade in the end zone and the other a 65-yard go route that Sargent was able to just out jump the defensive back and then trot into the end zone.

Ream said earlier during the week that if the season were starting Friday, McCulloch would be the man under center. But he did like the way that Avery Jackson and Selwyn Robins played Saturday as well.

“Max made some good plays and I thought Avery threw the ball really well,” Ream said. “Selwyn didn’t get many snaps with the first team and that makes it tough when you are going against the first team defense and don’t have the first team blocking.”

One of the defensive players that Robins’ blockers couldn’t stop was Randon Haynes. The six-foot-three, 280-pound sophomore sacked Robins three times.

“I thought Randon really played well on both sides of the ball,” Ream said. “He’s got the ability to come in and help right away for us.”

The Indians will scrimmage at Rowlett at 9:30 a.m. Friday before opening the season a week later at home versus Midlothian.