To the Editor,

I have been so encouraged reading about the exciting plans for new development of the downtown part of Waxahachie. I commend Mayor John Wray and the city council for approving the agreements for the redevelopment of several downtown properties. I also commend developers Jim Lake and Amanda Cross who are involved in the effort to improve our downtown area. Waxahachie is a city of distinction as the county seat, with its beautiful granite courthouse rising over the surrounding landscape. Our city has so much to offer. We are blessed to have excellent public and private schools, SAGU and Navarro College as well.

Our downtown area also has a lot to offer, but there is room for improvement. For example, with tax breaks and other types of funding, perhaps storefront owners can replace old, worn awnings. Freshly painted brick or sand blasting could definitely give the downtown area a much-needed facelift. Additions of large vases with plants with vines and flowers could also add to the beauty and aesthetics of the downtown area. Perhaps artists would open an art gallery and more restaurants could flourish downtown. Eventually, the city might consider way to improve aesthetics of the bridges south of the city. What about the addition of several carefully placed roundabouts on Highway 77 to improve traffic flow with monuments and/or flowers in the middle? These types of improvements could really add beauty and value to the downtown area and help attract more tourists as well as locals who regularly do business in the city.

I love this city and see the potential for growth and beautification. I know there are challenges to controlling the new growth in ways that promote proper land use and development, and money is always an issue. Yet it is my hope that others who support further development of the downtown area and other improvements to the city will get behind Jim Lake and Amanda Cross and any others like them who offer leadership in creating new opportunity and growth in the city.

Carol Walters,