To the Editor,

What we need more of is very clear to me. In the just released Dallas County Republican Newsletter (Aug. 12) the main main article is entitled “We Need Another Great Communicator;” referring to Ronald Reagan.?What? Who are they kidding??Now do not get the wrong impression – the Dallas GOP has been ahead of the game with their radio coverage, addressing Battleground Texas and I do not know that you will find a county party that has more clubs and activities than the GOP of Dallas County. But really – you think we need more TALK? I not only say NO, but Heck No!?Yes, Reagan was a quality communicator and because of this and many other skills he was a great politician and President of the United States of America. But the climate and threats have changed since his day and the last thing we need now is to throw more words at a problem.?If you doubt this let me refer you to the Battleground Texas Facebook page. You will see nothing but doing and doers, action and activities. The liberal progressives are wearing out shoe leather while Republicans meet together, throw slogans around and talk about keeping Texas Red.??So ... Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ellis County citizen, I need your help because the last thing the GOP needs are more words.

James Parker,