What does a small shop that sells secondhand clothes, electronics, and a hodgepodge of other hand-me-downs have to do with the success of a hospital? As it turns out, a whole lot.  

For decades, the Thrift Store, which is run by the Auxiliary to Baylor Medical Center at Waxahachie, has played an invaluable role in supporting the hospital and its not-for-profit mission.  

Located on College Street, all proceeds from the store’s sales benefit Baylor Waxahachie projects and programs. We are totally a volunteer operation,” explains Mary Ann Sachs, one of the more than 50 volunteers responsible for the success of the store. “A lot of thrift stores pay their employees, but all our money goes to support the needs of the hospital.”

And the Thrift Store is no small time operation. “We’re the biggest fundraiser the hospital has,” said Sachs. “We donate a substantial amount of money each year to the hospital, and each year we raise more and more money

In addition to the Thrift Store, the Auxiliary to Baylor Waxahachie also runs the hospital gift shop. These two entities, combined with other Auxiliary fundraisers, contribute to the annual expenses for B.E.S.S.Y., the robotic system that allows medical specialists in Dallas to remotely visit patients in the Baylor Waxahachie ICU.

Monies are also used for amenities for patient rooms, supplementing continuing education programs for clinical staff and various other requests.

Funds raised by the Thrift Store will be all the more critical when Baylor Waxahachie opens its new hospital next year.

So what will you find if you shop the Thrift Store?

Just about anything.

The store sells clothes for men, women and children, books, electronics, exercise equipment, small furniture and other household items. Anything people donate that the store can sell, it does.

The things that people donate that can’t be sold to the public because they are defective or otherwise unsuitable are sold to area recycling businesses.

However, Sachs said the Thrift Store often receives never-been-used items, antiques and sometimes even rare collectibles. And, if you “Like” the store on Facebook, you’ll be notified of sales and special inventory that has made its way to the shelves.

A History That’s Long. A Reputation That’s Strong.

Originally, the Auxiliary to Baylor Waxahachie Thrift Store was located on Jackson Street.

In July of 2002, it relocated to its current location at 431 N. College St.

Hospital volunteers Margaret Burton and her husband, M.L., have managed the store since the move. Their thousands of volunteer hours combined with their dedication to bettering Baylor Waxahachie have been an intricate part of the Thrift Store’s success.  

“My husband and I built all the inside racks and have tried to set it up and run it like any store,” said Burton. “We have just a fantastic group of men and women who work here.”

The store is open for business Wednesday through Saturday, 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. However, Mondays are the big work day. All the donations the store has received throughout the week are sorted, cleaned, priced, organized and put out for sale.  

The longevity of the store is a testament to how well it is run. It is the oldest thrift store in Waxahachie, and the feedback from customers is extremely positive. Here are a couple of reviews:

• This is one of my very favorite thrift shops in Waxahachie ... I have found some wonderful buys here and you are always greeted with a lovely smile, and warm hello. If you love thrift shops, don’t miss this one. There is something for everyone hidden in the nooks and crannies of this quaint old house...

• I went to this thrift shop. It was amazing. Best one I have ever been to.

While positive online reviews and helping Baylor Waxahachie are great, the volunteers who work there see the store as something much bigger to the community.

“I like that we’re able to help people in the community who need things cheap because of their financial situation,” says Sachs.

Burton agrees. “I feel like we’re not just doing it for the hospital, but we’re serving the community and people who cannot afford to shop anywhere else. I feel it’s a win-win situation.”

Volunteers Needed!

The Auxiliary to Baylor Waxahachie Thrift Store depends on the generosity of volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering at the store, please stop by the Thrift Store, located at 431 N. College St., or the hospital gift shop on the first floor of Baylor Medical Center of Waxahachie to pick up an application or talk to an Auxiliary volunteer.