The FarmGirls have been busy planting and tending the fall gardens.  

We marvel at the sprouting of seeds! At first sighting of the little green blade our hearts leap with joy and so another gardening season begins!

Our gardening ties drew us to Oklahoma a few weeks ago.  

Facebook allows us the ability to spread the joy of gardening north bound.  Donelle and I grew up in a small community in Oklahoma, more particularly I grew up in a farming community in Calumet, Okla. My family attended a small country church called Coleman Chapel Church. It is typical country church, white wood sided, quaint and tranquil.

There is a parsonage on the church grounds and through the years many pastors have come and gone.  

When I was a young girl there was a particular pastor, Keith Sears. This man was a passionate gardener and during his short stay many flower gardens were planted and they flourished for years.  The peonies are the flowers I especially remember.  The peony has large flower heads of delicate pastel blooms and they grow well in the Oklahoma climate.  

Years have gone by since Keith pastored there and the beds are now mostly barren.  

The recent storms have caused some hail damage to the church and there is a new hope of wanting to reside the building and install new landscape beds.  

Besides my many wonderful memories of growing up as a member of this church and spending much time in the many gardens, I have pictures of my very own wedding standing under the peach trees in full bloom in my wedding dress.  There is one flower bed intact that is very special and the only bed with plant material still thriving.  This bed was dedicated to a long time member of the Coleman Chapel Church and that member was my Mother, Amalee.

The summer heat did not bother me as we measured the beds to draw up a landscape design.  

Mother’s memorial garden bed is 77 feet long and about 8 feet deep. It is full of two lovely perennials that colonized and much in need of division.  

These iris and tiger lilies will now be scattered throughout the gardens as the landscape in my mind unfolds.  

Sturdy evergreen shrubs will anchor the landscape and floral gardens. Old garden roses adorned in pinks and reds and other flowers will celebrate the arrival of the seasons.   

Early blooming yellow forsythia, red and pink flowering quince will strategically be placed in the landscape to announce the arrival of spring.  

Peonies and larkspur will burst into color mid-spring and tall old fashioned holly hocks and red, purple and orange zinnias will proudly bloom in remembrance of Mom and other beloved church members.

A plant, a flower, and a fragrance so often take our minds to our past, but the sprouting of seeds allows us to think of our future.  

I hope to plan out a low maintenance landscape that will honor the past, the present, and the future of Coleman Chapel Church of the Nazarene.  

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