The Waxahachie football team went through the first couple days of fall practice just fine, but coach David Ream didn’t quite see the intensity he wanted at the end of the drills from his younger players.

But that seemed to change Wednesday after day three of fall workouts.

“I think we got a lot of work done today. I think our youngest kids are picking it up a little bit better today,” Ream said. “They lost focus in the last few sections the last few days, but they seem to be better.”

The ability to perhaps conserve energy and stay motivated throughout all five-plus hours of the two-a-day workouts is something that the younger players just have to pick up in time.

“Last year we had about 100 freshman players and as the numbers have come down a little and some players got put on other teams, that allows more of these JV guys to get more repetitions,” Ream said.

The coach said the class of current JV players is a good class and will be great at complimenting the great senior class he has already on varsity.

While the junior varsity players are working on starting and ending practice with the same level of attention, the coach noted the seniors are getting closer to being ready for games.

“We’re in the growth mode with the varsity players,” Ream said. “We’re trying to get all of our plays in before our scrimmage on Saturday.”

The scrimmage is set to start around 8:30 a.m. Saturday at Lumpkins Stadium after the team takes its pictures at 7 a.m. That scrimmage will come just a day after the team has its first practice in pads Friday.

When the team takes the field Saturday, it still won’t have an official starting quarterback for the season. But Ream did indicate that one of the four players vying for the varsity starting job is slightly ahead of the pack.

“It’s kind of wide open, but if we had to start today, Max (McCulloch) would probably take the first snap,” Ream said. “Avery (Jackson) is picking things up, but he missed a whole year last year so while the other guys are adding plays, he’s still learning. Selwyn (Robins) and Kyle Huskins has been doing really well so far.”

Payton Stewart is another option at quarterback, but he’s still limited due to an injury to his throwing hand that he suffered on the first day of spring practice. Even though he isn’t getting all the reps under center, Stewart is working out with the linebackers and on special teams, which is another position that has a wide open race for starting jobs.

Ream mentioned several players that are stepping up at that position, including Jacobe Castle and Chris Barth

“Jacobe has done a really good job so far and Chris is moving there from playing another position during the spring,” Ream said. “Sophomore Oscar Gonzalez is also doing a really good job. It’s just a learning process for the young guys.”

The linebacker is essentially the quarterback of the defense, so the team is asking it’s players to get a quick grasp of a lot of different plays.

“It’s different since they haven’t had the in-depth coaching they have at this level,” Ream said. “There’s a lot more thinking and processing they need now rather than just going out there and playing.”