Tom Pauken Wednesday made the following statement upon the one-month anniversary of Greg Abbott’s declaring himself a candidate for governor:

“I am re-issuing my challenge to Greg Abbott to engage with me in a series of Lincoln-Douglas style debates across our great state of Texas.

“My past challenges have been met with silence.

“When reporters have asked the Attorney General whether he will debate me, he has equivocated, saying, “I’m going to debate whoever runs anywhere. We don’t even know yet who is going to be in running in the Republican primary…We’ll be debating the issues with the general public on an ongoing basis…”

“Many are still not sure what that means exactly. Please, Greg, the question is simple, “Will you debate Tom Pauken?”

“Texas voters deserve to know our positions on the issues. The debate series I propose will help them make up their minds as to which of us is truly the principled conservative who can lead our state forward.”