The Ellis County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind people to keep an eye on their property and keep their possessions secure. It’s summer time and a lot of people are out and about, especially now when the kids aren’t in school.

We continue to see several theft and burglary reports filed each week – and many of these could have been prevented.

Remember to keep your doors and windows locked on your house and any outbuildings when you’re not around.

And keep your garage doors closed. Don’t leave yard equipment and items like four-wheelers out in view if you’re not around using them. Why advertise what you have to any no-gooders driving by?

Lock your vehicles and secure your valuables in the trunk. Don’t leave purses on the seat, even if you’re only running into the house for a moment. It only takes a few seconds for someone to open a car door and take off with your items.

Be a good neighbor and get to know your neighbors. That way all of you can help keep an eye out for any strange or unusual occurrences in your area.

If you see something suspicious going on, call 911 if it’s an emergency or call our non-emergency dispatch number at 972-937-6060.

The Sheriff’s Office’s Crime Prevention Division is here to assist people who want to join together and form a Neighborhood Crime Watch. Contact our Deputies at 972-825-4901.

As part of our crime prevention efforts, we release information such as the areas where burglaries are being committed and scam alerts on our Ellis County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. We invite you to “like” our page and also check out our agency’s website, located online at, for additional information about the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office.

Johnny Brown has served as Sheriff of Ellis County since Jan. 1, 2009, and is a graduate of the National Sheriff’s Institute. He has been in law enforcement for 20 years and holds a Master’s Peace Officer’s Certificate with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education.