Deals, discounts and sales are part of the plan to entice visitors spend an evening in downtown Waxahachie. The Waxahachie Downtown Merchants Associations is hosting “Ladies Night Out” from 5-8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 12.

The event offers shoppers who are normally at work during the day the opportunity to explore and see what downtown Waxahachie has to offer.

Stores participating in the event will offer customers special deals on merchandise and refreshments. The event is held the second Thursday of each month and started in July with five stores participating.

The last event was held Aug. 8 and had 15 participating stores. It is projected that there will be a mixture of around 25 retail stores and restaurants taking part in September.

“Our biggest goal is just to inform people that downtown has a lot to offer right now,” Event Organizer and owner of Plain Jane and Co. Amber Caverly said. “We are growing and with the change in the ownership of the buildings downtown it is going to do nothing but expand.”

Caverly said one of the big draws to coming to downtown Waxahachie to shop is the unique items that can’t be found anywhere else and the one-on-one customer service that is shown to each customer.

Some of the businesses that are going to take part in September’s event include Sugar and Spice/Naughty and Nice, Old Town Village Antiques,  Cozee’s Little Cottage, SoCo, Plain Jane and Co., Gingerbread Antique Mall, Beads N Bling, Hodge Podge, Mosaic Madness, Boyce Feed and Grain, Crooked Creek Antiques, Catfish Plantation, the Dove’s Nest, Cherics Antiques and College Street Pub.

Caverly said while the event is called “Ladies Night Out” everyone is welcome to come out and enjoy the evening.

Downtown Development Director Anita Williamson said this is a great event because it allows more and more people to experience what downtown has to offer and has been very successful. The event has been completely driven by the merchants in downtown and will continue to grow once more and more people find out about it, Williamson said.

For more information for future updates about the event, go to the Plain Jane and Co. Facebook page. Downtown Waxahachie is located off of Main Street.

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