Texas Gubernatorial candidate Tom Pauken criticized Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Tuesday for joining with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in interfering with the proposed merger between American Airlines and US Airways.

Pauken stated, “Not only does this impede the free market, it also jeopardizes tens of thousands of Texas jobs, which may be lost if Abbott’s lawsuit is successful. It is disappointing that, during a time of economic uncertainty, the Texas Attorney General would stand in the way of job growth and economic recovery. It is also ironic that, despite his rhetoric, Abbott is holding hands with Obama’s administration in this lawsuit, which will cause economic damage to Texans and our Texas economy.

“This, just like Texas’ Emerging Technology Fund, is simply another example of the crony-capitalism and government interference in the free-market that Attorney General Abbott is not willing to fight against.

“We need true free-markets and limited government for Texas to remain strong and grow.”