Oma’s Jiffy Burger has been a Waxahachie staple for the past 43 years serving generations of customers. The restaurant’s rich history, loyal customers and tasty food could be spotlighted in a documentary TV series produced by Bray Entertainment.

“Bray Entertainment contacted us and wanted us to do some videos about our store and staff to see if we would fit the criteria of the show that they are trying to produce,” Oma’s Owner Doug Curry said. “They are currently developing a documentary TV series focusing on the world of lunch and how the lunch hour is so important to American people. We are in the process of shooting videos to send in.”

Bray Entertainment has produced shows for the History Channel, Discovery, TLC and National Geographic channel.

Curry said the format of show that Bray is looking to produce is similar to “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” which airs on the Food Network. During an episode of the show, a number of restaurants are featured and its food and staff are showcased.

Curry said Bray personnel found out about Oma’s though a web search as they were looking for places that have a rich history, good food and a staff who have a great connection with their customers.

The videos being set into Bray, shot and edited by Oma’s employees, feature interviews with staff members and hopefully showcase the qualities the production company wants.

Curry said he was first introduced to Oma’s back in 1983 as a customer, and he never thought then that he would one day be owner of the burger restaurant.

Oma’s was found in 1970 by Oma and Charles Shaw and was sold to Jimmy Poarch in 2000. The restaurant came under the care of Curry about two and a half years ago.

“During my first week in town I came here to eat. This place was just something different. It was like walking back in time,” Curry said. “Back then, there were not very many lights in the building. It was kind of dark and smoky, but the atmosphere of the place was so cool. The burgers were just off the chart.”

The red and white colored building takes up a small spot on Water Street, and through the decades it has become a familiar and nostalgic locations for generations of Waxahachie residents. It’s hand painted sign is iconic among locals. It’s walls are lined with Waxahachie Indians sports memorabilia and pennants tacked to the whitewashed wood. Waxahachie Daily Light newspaper clippings are framed and hung throughout the restaurant, and soda bottles of every shape and from every era take up any spot of shelf space above the counter and dinning area.

The grill in the restaurant is 70 years old and was purchased from Roy Clonts’ burger restaurant that operated next to the Ellis County Museum on East Franklin Street in bygone years.

Curry said it is not uncommon on a Saturday to find four generations of people sitting around a table together enjoying a meal. Saturday Oma’s will see about 400 customers come through its doors.

“What we are known for is our large cheeseburger. Our patties are very thin, so an extra patty of meat is only $0.30,” Curry said.“What makes it so special is that we mix our own meat and pat our own patties every day. You never get a frozen patty here. All of our vegetables are fresh too.”

Oma’s is also known for its Omida breakfast burritos and the monster and mini monster scrambled omelets.

Curry said he does not know when Bray will let them know if they’ve been selected or not for the documentary series. He remains hopeful in the meantime.

Oma’s Jiffy Burger is located at 403 Water St. right next to the Waxahachie Fire Department Station One. Staff at the restaurant can be reached at 972-937-9190. Oma’s is open from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday. It is closed on Sunday.

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