To the Editor,

We had the Sheriff tell the county that he wasn’t giving up the keys to the jail. Which is a good thing since our friends and neighbors that work there for us still will. Our local tax dollars are staying here in our area instead of lining the pockets of out of state corporate investors.

We had a few people succumb to the hysteria of claims that our good county judge is on a dictatorial rampage and trying to repress the will of the people. Again. Several letters to the editor saying almost the same thing by different people. Coincidence? Funny thing is that they are also trying to get one of their ilk into that office. True factual claims or cheap political  innuendo? Is this a concerted effort of a fringe element trying to slip into the side door of legitimacy dragging the unseen corpses of character assassination with them instead of walking with their own merits through the front? Their transparency looks awful cloudy from here.

As we move further into Downtown, we have the old “patron” trying to regain his position  from the new ones fixing up the old hacienda. Now that the grass is becoming greener, it seems what was once consider non fertile fields are ready to yield a bumper crop. And he wants a piece of the action. Now that he can’t drive the tractor, he’ll just flatten the tires for awhile. The only ones that will lose by this is the people of Waxahachie who will miss the opportunity of immediate increased revenues while waiting for courts to decide what is just. Or the “Patron” takes the first settlement he can get.

After talking recently to several brave, visionary people who have the welfare of our county and town foremost in their focus, it seems that we in the ‘Hatch  and Ellis County have better days ahead. The future’s so bright I’ve already bought the shades, as it goes. But still we have the shenanigans of those wishing to thwart the progress or positioning their hands to be crossed by the coming pieces of gold, legitimate or not.

We are still good people here. And we will become better if we want. Let’s make that so by supporting a future of Waxahachie and Ellis County that will benefit us all. Not just a few.

Alan Fox,