To the Editor,

This is in regard to the recently published column ‘Five easy steps to save America from ourselves.”

This was an excellent article obviously written by someone who is concerned about this great land and where it is headed. Ms. Allred, like many Americans, is concerned about the condition of the greatest country in the world. Unfortunately, we have allowed people of this great country and people of foreign influence to take us down a slippery slide.

This young lady listed five ways we can improve our position as “citizens” of America. I would like to say that even though they are good ideas, they are not practical. What is practical is to step up to the plate and be accounted for. My comments: Ms. Allred says everyone needs to walk in the steps of school teachers, retail clerks, obituary writers, waitresses and police officers. Though they are good ideas, they are not practical.

What is practical is for all of us to train our children to do one thing: “Respect Others.” To be a parent is awesome. But to act like a parent is difficult today, only because we are not willing to take on this responsibility. So, what do we do? If parenthood is your desire, then accept the responsibility that goes with the territory. The Bible says: “Honor your father and your mother.” This is the law of God and there is a promise to the ones that do: “so that you may live longer.” We are to teach our children to do what is right. Like me, have you ever wondered why God did not say we are to love our parents, but says we are to honor them? When we honor our parents we will learn to love them and in return they will learn to love us. In other words, we are not to worry about them being our friends, but we are to train them to be respectful of others, and to respect this great country.

Thank you, Ms. Allred, for your article; it surely made me stop and think. As an afterthought, grandparents and great grandparents: you are also responsible for helping your children raise their own children in the way of the Lord.  

Paul Davidson,