To the Editor,

It is my humble opinion, I know EXACTLY what is the biggest danger this country has ever been faced with. But, I am puzzled because nobody else has talked about it. How can we NOT see? Did you all see what our government is doing? On May 30, this was in the news. ďA series of Muslim outreach summits are planned coast-to-coast by the Obama administration to get feedback from Muslims on how the U.S.A. can better serve them, and their specific desires.Ē Still in love with him? Thought so. Can you tell anyone of anything he has done for you? He has done far more TO us than FOR us? You donít think God has been judging us? How long since you have seen a honeybee? Your gardens have been dying on the vine. Crops are shriveling up in the fields. Most lakes are going dry and we still donít get it. Woe is us. We all know what we need to do. But, we are a stiff necked people. We refuse to bow our to our Creater. We have kicked God out of our schools, the very place we need Him most. Did you hear about the young man that graduated at the head of his class? In his speech, he started to give thanks to God for His help. they cut his microphone off, called security, they called police, he was taken to jail. His daddy pitched a fit. Did you all know, in Michigan public schools, they are trying to teach the Koran in school? OK, I will end this letter with an explanation. The greatest danger we the people face is this: God has been judging America for some time now. He has been taking the good old common sense most people used to have. When I was a boy, if a person graduated from high school, he or she could teach school. A boy or girl with a high school education was by far smarter than the average college graduate today.Now we have high school graduates that cannot read, cannot make change. In my humble opinion, we have turned our backs on almighty God. Bless you all.

David Nance,