There has been no movement with my friend. He is ticked off and he has put my face on his problems. †

I told him in love that I was not his problem but he seems to have a different opinion. Do you know that old saying, ďWhen you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.Ē †

I told him that too. That did not seem to find a lodging place in his heart.

I get it. †

One of the occupational hazards of my line of work is to love people, but love seems to deal with truth and people donít like the truth.† They say, ďThe truth will set you free but it may not make you happy.Ē

We have a problem in our culture that we talk about people rather than talk to people (the church is good at this). †

Itís easy to discuss a personís problems behind their back and then smile to their face. Talking about the symptom however and not addressing the root sickness never allows for the remedy. The root problem is always a manís heart is deceitful above all things. †

God has a cure for this bad heart problem ó when we become His, He gives us a new heart, but even that heart can become hard and so we must have some spiritual formation in our lives.

†During the winter my hands get dry and crack and they bleed and itís really gross and they hurt ó thatís what happens to us when we fail to maintain fellowship with Jesus ó we become gross and whether we know it or not we hurt. †

Thatís what has happened to my friend.

†My wife makes me rub some kind of lotion that Swedish fisherman use and as much as I hate to say it that stuff has some amazing healing power! †

Regardless, however of the healing power, I do not like the remedy.† I think you should lose your ďman cardĒ if you use hand lotion (and Chapstick) but it is the cure, it is the maintenance necessary for good health. †

Does that make sense?

I read somewhere about a prodigal son and how the dad watched and waited everyday, looking for his son to come home. †

Thatís what I do right now. I watch and I wait for my prodigal friend to come home. †

I am certain he will come home because I think deep in his heart he loves Jesus too much to stay mad, to stay hurt and to hate not only me but the church and God too.

I wait and I watch not only because itís my job Ė I do it in part because when my friend was healthy he would have done it for me too.

I think we call that love and love always wins.

Ken Ansell is the pastor of Community Life Church in Waxahachie.