In the past year IMPACT Waxahachie, a community coalition formed to eliminate and prevent youth substance abuse, has been working to educate our community on the benefits of a “Smoke-Free” ordinence.  

During this time a “Smoke Free” Waxahachie survey was conducted to gather public opinion.

Of the 1,010 people surveyed 98.08 percent were registered voters of Waxahachie, while 1.92 percent was not registered to vote due to age, or were not registered to vote in Waxahachie, but worked here.  

Additional questions included:

• Secondhand smoke poses a health risk to non-smokers:

81.25 percent Strongly Agree,

13.39 percent  Agree,

2.58 percent No Opinion,

1.69 percent Disagree,

1.09 percent Strongly Disagree.

• All Workers, regardless of the type of work site, should be protected from exposure to secondhand smoke:  

78.84 percent Strongly Agree,

13.37 percent Agree,

3.59 percent No Opinion,

3.09 percent Disagree,

1.1 percent Strongly Disagree.

• Our city should have a strong ordinance (law) to protect children and adults from exposure to secondhand smoke:

77.8 percent Strongly Agree,

13.01 percent Agree,

3.1 percent No Opinion,

3.3 percent Disagree,

2.7 percent Strongly Disagree.

• Would you favor or oppose a city ordinance that would not allow smoking in the following:

a. Restaurants –

78.05 percent Strongly Favor,

10.63 percent Favor,

2.38 percent No Opinion,

3.87 percent Oppose,

5.06 percent Strongly Oppose

b. Bar area of restaurants –

62.02 percent Strongly Favor,

13.43 percent Favor,

10.12 percent No Opinion,

7.72 percent Oppose,

6.71 percent Strongly Oppose

c. Stand Alone Bars –

49.5 percent Strongly Favor,

12.07 percent Favor,

19.32 percent No Opinion,

10.66 percent Oppose,

8.45 percent Strongly Oppose

d. Outdoor Venues – 55.62 percent Strongly Favor,

15.76 percent Favor,

12.05 percent No Opinion,

8.73 percent Oppose,

7.83 percent Strongly Oppose

e. Hotels and Motels –

72.8 percent Strongly Favor,

11.9 percent Favor,

4.6 percent No Opinion,

5.1 percent Oppose,

5.6 percent Strongly Oppose

• If the council passed an ordinance in our community making all restaurants and bars smoke free, would you go out to bars and restaurants More often, Less often, or about the same?

60.96 percent More often,

8.41 percent Less often,

30.63 percent About the same.

• Would you support a smoke free ordinance for Waxahachie?  

82 percent Support,

5.4 percent Undecided,

2.4 percent No Opinion,

10.2 percent No

• Tell Us About Yourself:  

7.88 percent I am a Smoker,

25.62 percent I am a former smoker,

66.5 percent I have never smoked

To learn more about the Smoke-Free Movement and or to give your opinion, please contact IMPACT Waxahachie at

Drug Prevention Resources, Inc. is dedicated to preventing youth substance abuse through the innovative delivery of evidence-based strategies that empower youth, families and communities.

IMPACT Waxahachie is a group of community volunteers who work together to provide public education, law enforcement, and public policy strategies to prevent youth substance abuse and build communities that are safe, healthy and drug-free.