Det. Dale Sigler was promoted to assistant police chief at a ceremony held in the city council chambers of city hall Friday. Sigler is filling the position vacated by Brad Doughty, who retired earlier this month.

 “I got hired one in June 2003 and spent eight year on patrol. While I was on patrol I was a field-training officer and was a part of the SWAT team for several years,” Sigler said. “I was promoted up to team leader of the SWAT team while I was there and was later assigned to the criminal investigations division in 2011.”

Sigler said his career in law enforcement started in the Army, where he served as a military police officer.

As a military police officer he served as an explosive detection dog handler. During his time in the service, 1996-2001, Sigler was stationed in Fort Riley, Kan. and was deployed several times. He was deployed to Bosnia twice and to the Middle East after the bombing of the USS Cole.

Before working with the Waxahachie Police Department Sigler worked for the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office. In 2003 he went through the North Central Texas County of Governments Police Academy in Arlington.

 He graduated as the president of his class earning the basic peace office license. Later Sigler went on to earn his advanced license. In addition to his service while on duty at the department ,Sigler served as the director of the police association.

As assistant police chief Sigler will be working on the administrative side of the department. Some of his duties will include providing officers with the training to remain current in their certifications and working with budget issues.  

One of Sigler’s goals is to move more officer training in house in order to receive training from outside instructors in more specialized areas such as drug interdiction on the highways.

“I really want to see this department implement an in-house training program. Like most professional careers you have to do continual education. We are required to do 40 hours every two years but that is the minimum,” Sigler said. “I don’t want to (do) the minimum. I want Waxahachie to be up to a higher standard. If we can do it in house then we can free up our budget to send officers to specialized training. That is what I would love to see.”

Sigler said he would also like to work with other agencies in the area, such as the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, to do joint training classes together. This would allow officers to share information with each other and provide better service to the community.

Sigler said he has received a lot of support from his family and fellow officers on this career move.

“My wife, Jessica, is my biggest supporter and she is behind me 110 percent. I have worn many different hats and have done many different things. She has always supported me,” Sigler said. “I was the association director for a long time. Between those meetings and SWAT it took me away from the house. But my wife has always said ‘go do it.’  She was ecstatic when I got the promotion.”

Sigler said his first week on the job has been good and he is excited about what the future will bring to the department.

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