The Waxahachie YMCA is the home of the Patton School of Korean Karate, which was named for the founder of the school, Master Icky Patton.  

The Team entered 18 competitors into the United States Karate Alliance World Championships earlier this month in Dallas. 

The team won a total of eight world championships in kata (forms), kobudo (weapon forms), kumite (point sparring), chanbara (foam sword fighting), ippon (one strike sparring), and koshiki (continuous sparring).   

The highlight of this year was that the Chief Instructor, Dr. Kelly Felty, was voted into the Chittim-Jordan Roll of Honor. 

This honor is bestowed only on those karate-ka that exhibit the highest level of integrity, ability and loyalty in the martial arts. Before this year, there were only 18 members in this esteemed group.

Felty also took second in team kumite, third in kata and third in kumite.

Jackson Felty took third in kumite.

Sarah Felty took fifth in kumite.

Felix Renya took fifth in kata.

Joshua Poston took first in kata, first in chanbara, fourth in kobudo, second in koshiki and second in team kumite.

Annabel Perry took first in kumite.

Kelyn Perry took fourth in kumite.

Gillian Perry took fourth in koubdo, fourth in Kumite, second in team kata, fifth in kata.

Connor Perry took fifth in kata.

Fabrizio Garcia took first in chanbara and fourth in kumite.

Inaky Garcia took second in chanbara, third in kumite.

Mason Holt took second in kumite and fourth in Chanbara.

Ian Porter took first in kobudo and third in kata.

Ray Porter took second in kata and fifth in kobudo.

Jeremiah Arnold took first in koshiki, second in kata, third in kumite, fourth in kobudo and third in team kumite.

Nick Heard took fourth in kumite.

Ricky Martin took first in kumite, second in Kata and second in Kobudo.

Collin Bynum took first in kumite.

JaVarius Canna took second in ippon, second in team kumite, fourth in kata and fourth in kumite.

If you are interested in joining the karate team or just learning self defense, please contact Ray Porter at 972-923-2000 for more information.