‘On tollway violations’

To the Editor,

I just received the note below from the North Texas Tollway Authority. It may be of interest to your readers.

John Bridges

Ellis County Assessor/Collector

Good afternoon,

We’ve made it a little more than halfway through the 90-day grace period (which started June 14) for habitual violators to pay their past due tolls without administrative fees, as authorized by Senate Bill 1792 passed by the 83rd Texas Legislature.  

To date, the NTTA has collected almost $1.9 million from habitual and other violators. This $1.9 million represents more than 25,000 accounts that have resulted in payment or resolution. Another 109 habitual and non-habitual violators have opted for payment plans.

We have received 99 administrative hearing requests to date, with 24 resolved thus far without a need for a hearing.

During the grace period, the NTTA is waiving the administrative fees for individuals with past due tolls who open a TollTag account. Drivers also have the option of entering into a payment agreement with us if they open a TollTag account and pay an additional 10 percent on the tolls due. Once the grace period ends on Sept. 13, drivers who are still on the habitual violator list may have their vehicle registrations blocked by the county, and they could be banned from NTTA roads and have their vehicles impounded if they’re caught driving on NTTA roads after they’ve been banned.

As required by SB 1792, all habitual violators were sent notices of the 90-day grace period. A second reminder notice will be sent on Aug. 15 to all habitual violators who have not yet responded.

We sincerely appreciate the support of the elected community in getting the message out to your constituents about the 90-day grace period. This is a great opportunity for all violators to settle past due tolls before the new toll enforcement law goes into effect.

Carrie Rogers

Director, Government Affairs

North Texas Tollway Authority