Waxahachie Police Department announced the promotion Sgt. Ron Turbeville, who has served the city for almost 20 years, to lieutenant last week. Turbeville started his career in law enforcement working as jailer in the Wayne McCollum Denton Center.

“A friend of mine, who was a sheriff’s deputy, talked me to coming in and applying for a jailer position at the sheriff’s office. That is where it all started,” Turbeville said. “I thought that this was something interesting and would try it out. I moved on to dispatch after that. After I was a dispatcher, I was a sheriff’s deputy for two years. Then in 1994, I applied here and came on with the city as a patrolman.”

Turbeville said he was excited about the promotion, but he was a little nervous about the change because of his tenure as a sergeant. Turbeville was promoted to sergeant in 1996 and came back to the patrol division in 2002. As a patrol sergeant Turbeville supervised a patrol shift of eight officers and was assigned either to day or night shift.

Turbeville said the transition to the new position has been a smooth one, partly because of the quality police officers that he works with at the department. The men and women that Turbeville supervises are dedicated professionals who take a great pride in serving the city and its residents, he said.

In his new role as a lieutenant he oversees both the day and night shifts, which is made up of 16 officers and two sergeants. He will also serve in an on-call role if he is needed when he is off duty.

“The lieutenants in patrol are shift commanders. Basically, I coordinate with the two sergeants to make sure that we are doing everything as best we can so it is as seamless as possible,” Turbeville said. “Being in the command staff, you work hand in hand with the assistant chief to ensure everything is getting done the way it is supposed to be.”

Turbeville said that his family was also happy about his promotion. One reason is the new role at the department has not caused a lot of change at home. Turbeville’s wife, Carli, serves as a firefighter for the city of Grand Prairie, so working different shifts has always been a constant part of their lives.

Turbeville said he is excited about what the future will hold for the department and how it will grow in the upcoming years.

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