I don’t know about you but good friends are hard to find. I am not on Facebook (I do Twitter) but I have an understanding that “Facebook friends” are not really friends but rather just creepy people. Jesus had three really good friends, James, John & Peter. Only John stuck around when the going got tough and Jesus trusted him to take care of His mother.

Do you think friendships come and go because everything we have is disposable?  

What I mean by that is we don’t repair anything including relationships. The fact that the divorce rate remains steady at 50 percent is proof of this and when things like our televisions break we don’t fix them we go out and buy a new one.

I’m not sure this is a good thing. There seems to be a break down in our value system. We don’t value human resources within the business structure, children are not valued in the family unit and we undervalue those people we call our friends.

I just had a good friend, someone that I love a lot undervalue our relationship and I guess we are no longer friends. You know it was one of those relationships where these people were as close as family, sometimes it seemed like they were closer, but friendship is not just about the good times – friendships have hard times too.  

That’s when you know who your friends are and maybe it’s not even about hanging around while they are hanging you on a cross it’s about can the relationship be repaired after the fracture.

The Apostle Paul got ticked off at a young missionary named John Mark and it fractured the entire mission team. One of the team members named Barnabas said he wanted John Mark to come back on the team after he left because he was homesick but Paul said, “No” and so the team split up. Barnabas and John Mark went one way and Paul and Silas went another.  Later, Paul and John Mark became ministry partners again and Scripture records Paul’s appreciation for this young man who was his friend.  

This is how it is supposed to be. Sure, we have ups and downs but we remain friends.

I have found that we sometimes have to fight for these relationships and that they are worth fighting for because of what I said earlier, good friends are hard to find.  

I read a sign last week that said, “You will always be my best friend because you know too much.” I like that because we should have friends that know everything about us but they should be good enough friends that we can trust them never to rat us out.

I am hopeful someday my friendship will be reestablished with my friend. Meanwhile I wait.  

At our church we say, “God is good – all the time and that all the time – God is good.”  Therefore, I can trust Him, when things are good and not so good. He told me to tell you that.

Ken Ansell is the pastor of Community Life Church in Waxahachie.