The Salvation Army Waxahachie Corps has organized a free and creative way to reach out to local homeschoolers. Beginning Monday, Aug. 12, the Salvation Army will offer free music classes to homeschoolers that range in ages from 8-18. The classes will be offered from 9 a.m.-noon, and will consist of guitar, piano, brass and music theory. Students can choose all or one class to participate in at the expense of the Army.

Salvation Army Youth Director and music instructor Luis Villanueva said the Corps was in search of a way to reach the large population of homeschoolers in this area, and believes this to be that way.

“Lt. (Frankie) Zuniga and I were discussing the homeschoolers,” Villanueva said. “We were talking about how there are so many of them in this area, but we don't have any contact with them. We wanted to do something special to create a partnership with them and we believe this is it.”

Villanueva said they have the perfect facility and set up for this sort of program, they just need the students and everything will be complete.

“This facility is perfect for what we want to do,” he said. “We have a piano lab, guitars and several brass instruments available for those students interested in this program.”

He added that they felt it was important to incorporate music theory into the program, because it is the foundation for music.

“It's not enough to know how to blow a horn or strum a guitar, but learning to read music is going to be key,” he said. “For you to be an accomplished musician or singer, you must learn to read music.”

Each class will be offered one hour at a time. The piano and guitar classes will hold up to eight students, because that is how many pianos and guitars they have on site.

He said they could always use more instruments.

“We have already received a donation of two instruments from a board member,” Villanueva said. “The more instruments we have, the more students we can help.”

For those wanting to donate instruments, they must be in good to fair condition. Villanueva said if the guitar body is in good condition, but has no strings the Salvation Army could have strings put on them.

“If someone would like to donate a keyboard, all we ask is that the keys be in working condition,” he said. “We will also take monetary donations to help us purchase more instruments.”

Villanueva said the main thing is to provide a free service to these students in hopes of fueling their passion for music.

To make a donation or to sign up for the music program, call 972-937-7727.

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