On Aug. 5, an Ellis County jury found Ron Edgar Santos Jr., 26, of Waxahachie, guilty of assault bodily injury for the injuries inflicted on a child who played ball for Santos’ select league baseball team.

According to witness testimony, at a routine practice session, Santos threw 12 to 15 baseballs at speeds of upwards of 60-80 mph directly at the child.

Photos admitted into evidence showed the child had been severely bruised. Impressions of the baseball seams were left on the child’s body.

The jury assessed a sentence of 15 days in jail and a $500 fine and recommended Santos be placed on supervision.

On Aug. 6, Judge A. Gene Calvert Jr. placed Santos on community supervision for 18 months. Among the conditions of supervision imposed by the court is that Santos is required to produce a video in which he must show the dangers of being struck by a pitch and some proper techniques and drills to minimize or avoid injury. However, Santos is forbidden from throwing any pitches to batters or players for a period of one year.

The victim testified that while he was being hit with baseballs he kept hoping and expecting that someone would speak up for him.

In her closing argument, Assistant County and District Attorney Nan Udell asked the jury to speak up for the child by finding Santos guilty as charged.

After the verdict, Ellis County & District Attorney Patrick Wilson made the following statement: “I am thankful for the jury’s verdict, and the message that it sends for the safety of children in our community. This was a difficult case for all concerned. My office took the extraordinary step of presenting this misdemeanor offense to the Ellis County Grand Jury. That body approved the filing of the charges. A second body of Ellis County citizens, a petit jury, found the defendant guilty. Justice has been served.”