After spending five years at Mid-America Nazarene University in Kansas City, Mo., Andrea Slack has returned to Waxahachie to become the new social services director at the Salvation Army Waxahachie Corps.

Her position will entail assisting members of the community with short-term financial assistance to help them get back on their feet after an unexpected emergency.

“This is not a long-term solution,” Slack said. “Everybody is met with hard times, and this is something short-term that can get them back on track.”

She said they want to equip people and help them get out of their current situation and help get them to a sustainable spot financially.

“This is something that provides a little push to help them get back on top of things,” Slack said.

When Slack graduated from Waxahachie Preparatory Academy she went off to college in hopes of doing something purposeful and meaningful. She said the Salvation Army has given her the opportunity to do just that.

“After graduating from college, I didn’t really have the Salvation Army in mind,” she said. “I knew going into college that I wanted to do something that had deep meaning. I wasn’t real sure what that looked like in the beginning, but through professors and friends, I realized my heart for people, relationships and communities.”

Slack said working for the Army in Missouri for about a year gave her a chance to get her feet wet, and helped prepare her for this position.

“I was working in the social services department in Missouri,” she said. “It opened the door for me to be here now. It also gave me the chance to get a lot of great experience, and walk right into this position.”

Therefore, when the opportunity presented itself, Slack said working for the Salvation Army in Waxahachie seemed like a good option.

“Based on what I knew about the Salvation Army, I believed it would be a great place to begin my career,” she said.

She said it feels great to be home and she is looking forward to everything God has for her as she takes on this new position.

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