Waxahachie ISD Partners in Education program Adopt-a-Class is making plans for the new 2013-14 school year.

Adopt-a-Class matches businesses, organizations and churches with individual third-grade classrooms.  

Adopt-a-Class actively engages the community in the learning experiences in WISD schools and strengthens the bond between the schools and their community. Through this partnership, students learn more about their community and benefit from the unique skills and resources of their adopting organizations.

Businesses of any size, as well as churches and civic organizations, may adopt a class after each volunteer completes a volunteer application and background check.

Adopt-a-Class partners are asked to volunteer twice each month. Teachers will also provide a wish list of supplies needed for the classroom and partners are asked to purchase supplies worth  $50 from this wish list.

Several third-grade teachers shared the experiences that they and their students have had.

“Our experience was wonderful and the kids loved our adopter,” said one Felty Elementary teacher. “He played lots of math games and brought us cocoons to hatch. The kids love having someone from the community come in and talk to them and share with them. I love it!”

“My students loved our adopter who read to my class. They got very excited when he came to read. It is a great program,” a Clift teacher said.

“Our adopter visited and read bi-weekly and often stayed to help with craft

projects and flashcard games. They are awesome,” one of the Shackelford teachers said.

“My Adopt-a-Class partner is amazing. She has gone on our class walking field trip. She has come to school to eat lunch with my students and works on activities or reads to the class. The students watch the clock on Wednesdays for our partner to arrive,” a Northside Elementary teacher said.

“My adopters are here each week. One volunteer is a lunch buddy – every other week.  I have one gentleman on the team that is here each week to work with the kids and then has a lunch buddy also,” one of the Wedgeworth Elementary teachers said.

“Our adopters provided us with gift cards from our wish list that enabled us

to purchase online reading tutorials and additional supplies for our classroom,” said a teacher from Dunaway Elementary.

“My business partner visits twice a week to do an enrichment activity. She

visits like clockwork two days a week for 30 minutes a session. She has

played Time Bingo and done several origami lessons with our students. Her lessons have improved attendance and provide incentives to get all work turned in prior to arrival. My students certainly look forward to coming to school when our business partner plans to be there,” a WISD teacher said.

“My adopter would find out about different lessons and have exemplary plans along with fun activities. She also took time to learn the students’ names and interests. The students absolutely loved to see our adopter when she came. They were very attentive and involved in her lessons and couldn’t wait to see what she had to share with them at each visit,” said another WISD teacher.

The students and teachers are not the only ones blessed as attested by several partners in the Adopt-a-Classroom program.

“Adam and I have been a part of the Adopt-a-Class program for three years now,” said Brana Rope of the Adam Rope State Farm Insurance Agency. “It is an unbelievably rewarding experience not only for yourself but also for the impact you are making in the children’s lives. It is so fulfilling to watch your adopted class exude with excitement when you walk in the door to help with whatever the activity planned by the teacher may be. You will definitely never regret helping a child succeed.”  

“Citizens National Bank of Texas’ experience with Adopt-a-Class has been phenomenal. Each year we look forward to the one-on-one time spent in the classrooms with the students and teachers. It’s a great way to give back locally and make an impact in education and the future of our community which is a commitment CNB of Texas has had since 1868,” Chelsi Frazier of Citizens National Bank of Texas said.

“Over the past three years I have had the privilege and honor to serve in the Adopt-a-Class program. My Sunday school class, The Breakfast Club of First Baptist Church Waxahachie, chose to adopt the third-grade class at Felty Elementary. It has been exciting and rewarding to help Mrs. Collins over these past three years. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the WISD in this manner. I would encourage folks to really think about helping our school system through the Adopt-a-Class program,” Dan McClinton of First Baptist Church said.

“This has been a great experience to interact with students,” Elizabeth Stripland of HEB said. “We so enjoyed how happy the students were to see us at each visit. Adopt-a-Class is a wonderful opportunity to give back to third graders at one of our local elementary schools by assisting the teacher, visiting with the students and sharing in the learning and fun. We were warmly received each time we visited the classroom.”

“Adopt-a-Class has been very well received by both teachers and partners. You will find great experiences and many rewards in these classrooms and students will learn much from you. We are very grateful to our outstanding community for its support of the Adopt-a-Class program in Waxahachie Schools. We welcome new adopters to join us,” Melissa Cobb, WISD Director of Partners in Education, said.

To be part of this very rewarding program, contact Melissa Cobb at 972-923-4631 or mcobb@wisd.org.