Advantage Self Storage in Waxahachie was buzzing with activity Tuesday morning as a crew from the “Storage Wars: Texas” television show was filming the latest episode.

Along with the stars of the show, people from around the area came to take part in the storage-unit auction.

“Today we are having a storage auction. We have these when people abandon their things or they don’t pay their bill for a good amount of time. This is the way that we get rid of it,” Advantage Self Storage Manager Brad Hollingsworth said. “Storage Wars is a big reality show that surrounds our business here. They contacted me and asked if I had enough units to get together for an auction. I did, so I invited them out.”

The auctions on storage units are done about twice a year at Advantage and approximately 50 people attend each one.

Items that people have found after purchasing a unit include antiques, furniture, appliances, tools, musical instruments, collectibles and sporting goods.

Some of the odder items that have been found after an auction at Advantage were bulletproof vests and an antique French crystal.

Hollingsworth said people coming to an auction like this could make a good living from the items they are able to resell to second hand stores, through their own businesses, online or at swap meets.

Before the auction begins the lock is cut off the door of the storage unit and bidders have five minutes to look inside before the auction starts. Bidders can’t touch, move or remove items from the unit. Bids are based on what only can be seen from the doorway.  Tuesday’s auction featured 12 storage units up for bidding.

Richland resident Mike Faulkner attended the auction with his son Eddie Johnson.

“My son and I have been buying some units and selling some of the stuff out of it. We have been doing it for about six months now,” Faulkner said. “I am self-employed, but this is like a second job.”

At previous auctions Faulkner and his son have been able to get a couple of good units at decent prices. These items included kitchen appliances and furniture.

Also attending the auction was Richardson resident Scott Cochran and his son Brandon. Cochran said his son is a big fan of the storage war series and enjoys the bidders winning the big-ticket items.

When Cochran watches the show at home with his son he is surprised by the high quality items that people put into a storage unit.

While Cochran was not going to bid on anything, he thought that this would show his son how the show was made and produced.

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