Young golfers from Waxahachie and surrounding cities brought their clubs and energy to Waxahachie Country Club this summer.  

In the months of June and July, junior golfers experienced a specialized golf camp where they learned about stretching, rules, etiquette, sportsmanship, scorekeeping, and mechanical fundamentals.

The camp was held Mondays through Thursdays with lunch following each day’s instruction.  

The purpose of the junior camps was to give local junior golfers a solid foundation on which to build a better golf game.  

“I want to give the kids who show an interest in golf a good idea of what to expect about the entire game,” camp coordinator and golf instructor Laura Hargrove said. “It isn’t just about hitting long drives or spending hours on the driving range. Both are nice, but not essential to playing good golf.”

Hargrove is a professional golf instructor and conducts lessons across North Texas.

“I planned out these camps so that the kids could learn about each area of the game, such as putting, chipping, bunker, wedges, trouble shots, and full swing,” Hargrove said. “It was my goal that they leave with an appreciation and respect for a game that can give back in so many ways.”

Members of the Waxahachie golf team were there as instructors to help with the different age groups. There was a five to one ratio of golfers to instructors.        

The members of Waxahachie Country Club were more than willing to provide their entire facility each week for the camp.  

“We were greeted with smiles and support with every camp, and many members went out of their way to offer an encouraging word to Waxahachie’s youth,” Hargrove said. “The young golfers left the camp with knowledge on which to build upon and hopefully we will see a few of them on the professional tour someday. We are blessed to have so many children to give hope to and may they all succeed in their own way.”

You can reach Hargrove for a lesson or a camp at or by visiting her website: