To the Editor,

The misinformation was reported exactly as it was presented by Mike Jones to the people attending the Open Carry Rally in Waxahachie Saturday, July 27.

The presentation was a total distortion of the SB299 Legislation and a complete fabrication of the scope of the amendments motive, effect and penal aspect.

If these types of fabrications continue to be injected into the public through public forums such as this rally we will continue to lose our liberty and our constitutional rights will continue to diminish.

It is our hope that your newspaper will publish a retraction to the fabricated threats to our 2nd amendment and alleviate the fears such mistruths instill into the public.

The legislators enacted this amendment to the law: as narrowing the offense of unintentional display of a concealed handgun.

Below is the communication with Mike Jones explaining his confusion:


My name is John Bostick, I was at the Open Carry rally in Waxahachie on July 27 and listened to your comments on the SB 299.

I discovered that the Legislature of the state of Texas view the scope of SB299 as narrowing the offense of unintentional display of a concealed handgun.

You stated that with the passage of Senate Bill 299, you cannot carry your gun openly after Sept. 1.

I request the links you offered to validate your assumption that the passage of SB 299 would allow law enforcement to strip the 2nd amendment rights from the citizens of the state of Texas.


I researched SB-299 after yesterday’s meeting with you guys. First off let me tell you that the bill as passed is not how it was stated to me at my meeting in San Antonio.  I have contacted those instructors and they are changing how their information is delivered.

SB299 as signed, DOES NOT INCLUDE long guns. It concerns short guns only. It is clean up language for the existing Concealed Carry statute.


(a) A license holder commits an offense if the license holder carries a handgun on or about the license holder’s person under the authority of Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code, and intentionally [fails to conceal the handgun] displays the handgun in plain view of another person in a public place in a manner calculated to cause alarm and not pursuant to a justified use of force or threat of force as described in Chapter 9.

It changes some wording so as to be clearer on the intent of 46.035. Apparently, some folks were being cited if their handguns were displayed by accident.  

The legislators removed the (fails to conceal handgun) and added all the wording that is underlined in the above statute.

Due to not returning from San Antonio until late Friday night, I was unable to research this SB299 in its entirety.  Although I questioned the instructors about this issue knowing that I was meeting with you guys Saturday morning, they admit they rushed this to press without vetting the new changes completely as did I. I accept full responsibility for my misinformation.  

I have spoke to Commissioner Perry and he was to email RC Lyon yesterday as well as post on his website the new information.

I hope you at least understood me to say that I am entirely in your group’s corner on this issue, I was only trying to give you all the latest information as I had it, and to make you aware that there was a change in the latest legislation concerning firearms.


Thank you for clearing my confusion on this.  I do want the best for all the country as I realize you too do.

John Bostick,

Texas Sons of Liberty Riders

Region 6